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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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gone. our once vibrant community center almost had no services for our english speaker. or whether (inaudible) senior for this budget please make sure all of the outside programs organized that ask for public funding, service responsible for our resident needs and for -- and they must got our import and not represent to us what we want in our city to make sure our city (inaudible) public funding program that treat our api population will get proper funding in language access,
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community organization and service, thank you. [speaking foreign language]
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translator: she's a home care and single mom, she's takes care of her daughter and the cuts will impact her. and she is going to lose some hours. and it will ympact her and her child. she wants the support from the mayor and everyone on the panel so there won't be any cuts in the ish home care. >> thank you. [applause] >> linda.
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>> good evening, i am linda lighthouser, i will like to thank mayor lee and supervisor avalos for the wonderful opportunity to apply for the community action grants. and one group i belong to is a recipient of that grantee. and tonight i am here to talk about another community project. it regards greater activation of mcclair park, the city's second largest park, and encompasses district 9, 10 and 11. but usually on the low end of funding with the city. i have been working with the rec and park division and many divisions within rec and park, to bring more activities to
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mcclarin park, and one is to activate the community theater and work with the police patrol and citizens to create supervision and added security for the park to add events for the public at low fees. we are excited about this project, but funding of course in this situation is also in need. we hopeful that the three supervisors that surround the park will provide for more funding from the park and to bring these programs. lastly i would like to say that our parks are very dear to all citizens of san francisco. and in the southeast part of san francisco, we suffer from lack of funding, and urge that full funding for rec and park department be in the budget this year. thank you. >> cheryl austin.
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>> good evening, i am cheryl austin, i am chair of the youth first advisory board. and last friday we received devastating news that our 10-year program that had a fantastic success rate had funds totally cut. tonight i want you to see the faces of those parents and youth that it will be impacted by that decision. >> good evening, i am nirein marow, i am one of the directors at the summer enrichment program. i had something they was going to say to you tonight, however i received a letter from a young man in the program, he's nine-year-old and his name is roman banks. it says, dear people, can you please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top save youth
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first by giving us such bad news. you made people cry. we had great memories shared here, many of the people from the summer that are not here for the school year are looking forward to the youth first summer program and will be heart broken to hear the bad news. please give us another chance, sincerely roman j. banks. >> my name is minnard monroe, i am a program director of the youth first program. i will be real quick, i would like to say it's ironic that in 2003 i received an unsung hero award from the supervisors in our district for starting the program. and then 10 years later they are telling me to close the doors. just interesting and it's heart breaking. i feel like i let the children down in my community.
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and i just hope that the supervisors when they make decisions can remember some of the faces and understanding that it affects a lot of people when we cut programs in communities. thank you. >> next five speakers. alma robinson. jackie flin. delores mcgee. eddie zane. erin yen. al alma robinson [repeating] this is erin yen.
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>> thank you very much. good evening supervisors, mr. mayor. i really appreciate you coming to my neighborhood, district 10. and listening to so many committed citizens who have turned out tonight. i am here to speak on behalf of a couple programs, first of all a thank you. my name is alma robinson. i am director of california lawyers for the arts. we very much appreciate the funding from the department of children, youth and families, that has been a part of our effort for a number of years. this is our 20th year to provide internships for high school students, many from bayview with art programs and we look to expand that program to include for-profit businesses.
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including old navy and start-up design companies, and as well as non-profit art organizations. we provide training and communication skills, the so-called soft skills that are important to keep jobs and continue on a career that is meaningful. i want to speak on the san francisco art commission and the proposal to extend cultural equity grants that is important for communities throughout san francisco. i was part of a task force for many years that established that program. thank you for your consideration. and thank you to all the community for being here tonight. thank you. >> good evening, i am jackie flin, i am executive director of
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the program in san francisco. i want to thank you supervisors for something and thank you for your service to the city. but i am here to ask for your continued support in three major areas. one is in employment services. and i would like to thank you, rhonda simmons for supporting the randolph institute and for the contract around construction services. to make sure that we can recruit experienced construction workers and not only experienced workers but young folks to enter in the construction trade. a lot of training and education comes through our office. and so far we have worked with over 400 clients that have signed up with city build to get employment throughout the city. but i would like to see continued support in that effort, and maybe see a broader
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spectrum of employment opportunities other than just construction. youth services is another area that we would like it see your continued support. there are great internships around this summer that we recruited for throughout the city. i would like to thank the puc for offering a multitude of internships, and our young folks with the offers from the city. and we have programs with youth works and as well as the san francisco rec and park have offered job opportunities as well. but we would like to see continued employment. maybe some internships that last throughout the school year, and not just summer. and the last area to touch is transportation. the department of public health has assembled a transportation group made up of multiple organizations in the bayview.
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and we would like to see continued support for that group and bicycle funding to change o our culture here in bayview. >> good evening, to the distinguished panel and to all the people from district 11 -- can you hear me now. okay, good evening to the distinguished panel, i am delores mcgee from the community known as omi. john avalos' district, i am here because i haven't heard that mention of the seniors. i am here to represent seniors all across the city. seniors and people with disabilities across the city of
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san francisco when it comes to technology. we have put in computers in 54 sites in the city. and we would like to have those sites maintained when you do your budget. we want to make sure that the money is there so they can continue to skype, tweet, have online banking, check their online medical records. and to keep in contact with all of their friends and families who are all across the world. so for the seniors and people with disabilities, we are hoping you will make that a special, special consideration when you do your budget. because the seniors are the foundation of any community. and we would like to make sure that they stay connected.
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we would like to thank ann henson, the leadership of the department of asian and adult services. we could not have done this without her support. thank you very much. >> good eveni ining everyone, a mayor and department heads. i am eddie part of the bayview program. i want to say that our program is the only program out here to service with youth dealing with multicultural youth programs. and we are fortunate to get support from the city and to be out here. and all due to the attention that happened three years ago when there was a lot of african, asian tension out here, because of misunderstanding. we want to focus on young people. and we have our second summit
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where youth come together and organize it. and the theme they come up is called usla, a way to address trauma and stress. and the young people came up with this idea and put together addressing the trauma and the stress they deal with every day in district 10. and another thing we need more programs dealing with employments where asian and hiring african-americans and job training and latino population. to create programs and funding to reflect the population in district 10. we know that justification happens because of development, but we know that the city wants to invest in the community also. but we need to do it the right way. i have a couple of young people to share their experience in the program and hope shed light why
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it's important to have this program. >> okay, just really quick. hi, everybody, i name is treasure. this is my second year of being a part of bya. last year i advocated and this year i am a peer leader. i was in this program because i was getting in trouble. i was on probation for fighting and stuff. and i turned my life around -- i mean around. yeah, i got into byca and i did a lot of community work. i grew up around here and i am intune with a lot of people around here. and this year i got myself into em emaculate academy on my own. and i learned how to file and scan and call around and outreach. and i interned at a dentist
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office and i scan and do procedure codes. i do a lot and the i learned a lot. i am excited to be able to know th they -- that i will have a future. and it's important because the youth is the future. and the youth is struggling with a lot, and it's crazy. i don't think you guys know how tough it is for the youth. and take in consideration that bya has helped a lot of youth. and our budget has been cut, and we need money to have another bya next year. thank you. >> hi, i am niece, and this program also helped me to be constructive and do better things instead of going outside and doing things i shouldn't be doing. i graduate this year, so they helped me to get paid and to go to prom and stuff.
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and i just love doing it, and this is my second year. last year i was a youth advocate and this year i am a peer leader. and i love it and i have fun here. >> thank you very much, i want to say we are here to promote racial harmony. it's needed not only in district 10 but city wide. but we can't do it alone, we need everyone's support in the youth and in the community. thank you very much. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, thank you to the board for giving us an opportunity to speak. i am aaron from excelsior district 11 and we are here for funding in balboa high school. and i want to give you numbers,
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balboa is a school of 1300. now there is no funding for after-school programs. and this year we were not renewed for 21st century funds or dcyf funds. and we have 397 students enrolled in the after-school program but no funding. when we had funding we were the top-rated as far as attendance. and kendall is one of the students that benefited from the program. and we had 10 to 15 depending on the semester of the programs. >> i am kendall, and i am senior at balboa school. i have been going to the after-school program at balboa for four years. it's been a big benefit to the community. a lot of my friends would not be graduating if not for the
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after-school program. they have cyber high that provides tutoring, and they have programs to excel in math. and they have teachers that come in and help us, actual math teacher and not just computers. in addition we have a bunch of programs. we recently launched a 3-d printing program that is bringing 3-d technology into the hands of youth. and promoting engineering and education in our programs. we really need to fund this program. it was terrible without this program in the beginning of the year. and we really need it. thank you. >> good evening, i am here and before the speakers, before the
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people, the speakers. i don't know why now not call my name yet. we are not quiet. our english is not very good. but we need to speak, and let everyone know that we have a problem. okay, i am a newcomer. i know (inaudible) but opportunity please give everyone to speak, please. i have something to speak, but i don't know why you don't call my name. i don't want to (inaudible) group that can say, they can do everything. why if we are quiet -- i need to speak too. please. okay.
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[speaking foreign language] translator: the chinese community has so many problems but have no way to express it because of the language barrier. we only stay in our home and with our family and can't find a solution. only because our language, our english is not very well, we cannot read. we cannot speak.
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[speaking foreign language] translator: i know, language barrier is not our fault. or the society fault. but i just want to get the chance to speak. i don't know why i always say at the end of line and never can get a chance to speak. [speaking foreign language] translator: i not feel comfortable to speak in front of the public. i hope i can schedule a meeting with the mayor and supervisor to talk about our issue. >> sorry about it. and thank you. >> again, before we get to the next set of speakers. i want us to be mindful, of course if we had the opportunity we would let everyone to speak.
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we know that everyone has important things to say. i have more to say than most coming up here speaking. but we want to be mindful to allow everyone an opportunity and orderly. everyone in here will not get a chance to speak. mabel sato. mary davis. cathy davis. karen tateum. bradley whitmire. >> excuse me. honorary mayor, and supervisor, my name is victor boston. and really i need someone with a paper and pen. i have been looking for housing over i say nine months now. and i am about ready to lose my
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section 8. okay. i have letters here saying congratulations. we have placed on our waiting list. but we check our waiting list once a year. this is the second time. i have another application here, these are housing, this is the second list and there is five sheets. this is the second sheet and i have been in all of these places looking for housing. as i said again, my name is victor boston, and if you can give me insight, my number is 410-5756, and i am in desperate need of housing. i am a veteran, vietnam veteran at that. okay, i served my country. unfortunately i can't walk. but i am looking for some
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housing. please, thank you, mayor, thank you housing authority. thank you. >> mary harris. cathy davis. >> mary harris, president of my neighbors in action. on february 2 we had a lunar new year celebration at the rec center. when we got up there, my husband and i noticed there was just this very tense vibration and we found out that lawrence collins was shot and killed at the rec center. so we lost another youth in the omi. we have had youth shot in front of inner city youth, we have had them shot in front of the omi
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family resource center. we were devastated, he was going to be 20 years old. as i was going to get ready to speak tonight. i went in my office and these 3 x 5 cards fell out. and i picked then up and read them. and then i realized that seven years ago with a different mayor and a different supervisor, i have been saying the same words, talking about the omi and violence prevention. and i can't believe i am here again and talking about the same thing. i am asking mayor lee work with the omi to come up with a violence prevention plan. i want diana, i am happy that you made director of violence prevention. i am thankful for that, but she needs to come out on a regular basis and to the omi, and come
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up with a concrete plan. we need jobs and life skills and our young adults to have after-school programs and something to do and somewhere to go. we need to have this on various levels. there are jobs through dpw. and we need rec and park with their apprenticeship garden funded. if you give to rec and park, they are doing the best they can with very little. and our police department, this is the area that is eight miles. we are on the advisory board and every time my husband and i go the numbers are lower. we can't go lower on the officers, we need the police presence and we need the youth and the police officers to have a relationship.
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if we could keep this on the forefro forefront. i want to speak and not lose anymore youth and the neighborhood. all of our youth have someone who has been shot or killed. so thank you very much. >> cathy davis. >> good evening, mr. mayor and supervisors and department heads. my name is cathy davis. i am the executive director of bayview hunter's point senior services. i was trying to think of what part of our agency it talk about. i want to talk about the most vulnerable seniors we know. mr. boston said what i needed to say about housing. that's pretty much the deal. our agency sees seniors like him all the time. constantly, consistently looking for


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